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FA Nat. ID 84060, FA Aff. no. T-SUF1005, Registered Charity no. 1162311

Mission Statement

Sporting 87 FC is a Christian club dedicated to playing football to the highest possible standards of competition, ability, and good conduct. The Club is committed to developing the Christian growth of its members and being an ambassador of Christ to those it meets.


Introduction to the Club

As the name suggests Sporting 87 FC was formed in 1987 to enable Christians to play football in an environment that would provide a strong and noticeable witness to the local football community. Since those early days over 20 years ago the Club has developed and progressed enormously into a popular and successful adult and youth FA Charter Standard Community Club (an award that acknowledges the most advanced level of club development and football provision). Sporting 87 FC has a tradition of playing football in the correct manner and within the spirit and laws of the game. As to be expected the Club assigns much importance to its beliefs, which translate into its three key themes of provision:

  • Providing opportunity
  • Playing with integrity
  • Caring about everyone

Testimony to the quality of its provision the Club has won the Suffolk FA Charter Club of the Year Award, prestigious FA national awards for its Young Leaders Programme, and has had the honour of receiving two of only 150 FA National Awards for services to grassroots football (representing over 400,000 volunteers throughout the country). With opportunities for girls and boys up to U18 and three adults teams, the Club welcomes everyone, both Christians and non-Christians who share its values. Click on this admissions link to find out if we have a place for you or your child in one of our teams. Alternatively use these links to support us with a financial donation or through sponsorship.

Sporting 87 Adult football

Our Christian underpinning

The Club is run by a multi denomination Christian leadership and receives some funding from Christian based organisations. Although the Club was founded to principally enable Christians to play football in a positive and supportive environment, it is not exclusively for Christians and accepts players of any religion or of no faith at all. Members who don’t share the ‘beliefs’ of the Club are still very much expected to adhere to its values and ethos. The Club Chaplain, along with a team of pastors provides moral, spiritual and practical support to our members and visitors.

Christian values and ethos

Basic Christian values form the ethos and character of the Club. These values have been translated into the Club’s procedures, standards, rules, codes of conduct and development systems; each declaring what is held as important and what behaviour is deemed appropriate. Of course Christians do not hold exclusive rights to these values, which is why non-Christians that share them are welcome to join us. Our Club Chaplain and Football Pastors are the best people to explain what it means to be a Christian; what Christian aspirations are and how this affects our daily lives, but as a start to understanding the Club’s ethos, its: motto, themes of provision and mission statement can be considered.


“Witness through football”. Our behaviour when playing, coaching or administering football should be consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Themes of provision

1. “Providing opportunity” – each person is created as a very special individual possessing a vast spectrum of talents. Each has a right to discover and fulfil their God-given purposes in life and thereby exercise these talents. The Club endeavours to help its members fulfil their potential in every way it can.
2. “Playing with integrity” – correct to the laws of the game, with fairness and honesty. The FA RESPECT and fair-play initiatives are deemed by the Club as minimum standards in this respect, i.e. the Club also expects exemplary behaviour in terms of courtesy, politeness and friendliness.
3. “Caring about everyone” – valuing each individual, providing them with thoughtful, measured and appropriate football and personal development opportunities. Beyond the football context, this theme also includes having concern for general and spiritual well being and providing practical help where we can.


Our key provision partner

The Club works in synergy with our partner organisation Sporting 87 Educational Trust to provide a ‘total football community service’. The Club is an FA Charter Standard Community club that also has Sport England Clubmark standards accreditation.

Committee & Executive

To contact a member of staff below visit our contact us page.

Club Chairman &
Executive Chairman
Club Vice Chairman &
Director of Community
Graeme Thomas Ray Balmer
“Footy quote” “Footy quote”
  • Chairman responsibilities:
    • Club constitution and development plan: progression and implementation
    • Chief executive
  • FA licensed Level 1 football coach
  • Education, experience and background: financial planning and investment – Thomas & Young Wealth Management Ltd.
  • Director of Community responsibilities:
    • Social events
    • Awards and rewards
    • Chaplaincy and Footy Pastors
    • Parent representatives
    • Health, welfare and safeguarding
    • Discipline
    • Policies and guidelines
  • Committee member of Rougham Sports Ground Ltd
  • Education, experience and background: financial planning and investment.
Club Treasurer
Club Committee Member &
Director of Administration
Nigel Johnson Linda Lancaster
“Footy quote” “Footy quote”
  • Suffolk FA Board Member – Financial Director
  • Education, experience and background: accountancy – Johnson and Co. Accountants Ltd.
  • Director of Administration responsibilities:
    • Data collection and processing: players and staff
    • Data protection
    • Human resources
    • Staff DBS checks
    • FA and competitions registration
    • Facilities allocation and bookings
    • Bookkeeping
    • Club Committee and Executive meeting minutes
  • Education, experience and background: .
Club Youth Chairman &
Director of Communication
Club Secretary &
Director of Football
Darren-Brown  Jonathan-Warnock
Darren Brown MA ODEd Jonathan Warnock
“Footy is fun game for everyone to play, and a great game for everyone to learn from.” “Hard work gains high standards.”
  • Youth (& Children) Chairman responsibilities:
    • Admissions
    • Players development
    • Coaches development
    • Teams development
    • Competitions and fixtures
    • Strategic partnerships
  • Director of Communication responsibilities:
    • Club notices
    • News articles and press releases
    • News features
    • Promotion and advertising
    • Media: physical and electronic (website/Twitter/Facebook)
    • Match and event programmes
    • Artwork and photography
    • Email accounts
    • Corporate image: templates and design
  • FA licensed Level 3 (YM3) football coach
  • FA futsal coach
  • FA psychology coach
  • FA mentoring coach
  • FA Welfare Officer
  • Suffolk FA WAYS League Vice Chairman
  • Committee Member, Youth Chairman and Youth Football Director of Sporting 87 Football Club
  • Youth team lead coach of Sporting 87 Football Club
  • National FA ‘150’ award recipient
  • National FA Football Futures award winner
  • Education, experience and background: Design, planning and delivery management of defence industry education, communications and marketing media. Primary school teaching support. Masters degree in Education
  • CRB/DBS cert no. 001449191980.
  • Director of Football responsibilities:
    • Players development
    • Coaches development
    • Teams development
    • Competitions and fixtures
    • Strategic partnerships
  • FA licensed Level 3 (UEFA B) football coach, FA Coaches’ Association member
  • FA Welfare Officer
  • Suffolk FA Council Member – West Suffolk North
  • Suffolk FA Coach Mentor – West Suffolk
  • Committee Member, Secretary and Football Director of Sporting 87 Football Club
  • First team manager of Sporting 87 Football Club
  • Committee member and director of Victory Sports Ground Ltd
  • Member of the Christians in Football (CIF) executive
  • Education, experience and background: Management of Bury Football Academy at West Suffolk College
  • CRB/DBS cert no. E0424202052.
Club Committee Member &
Welfare Officer
Club Committee Member &
Amos Owen Tim Banks
“Footy quote” “Footy quote”
  • FA Welfare Officer
    Emergency contact: 07854 153258
  • FA licensed Level 1 football coach
  • Education, experience and background: community and youth policing.
  • Footy Pastors Lead
    Emergency contact: 07734 734573
  • Parents Representatives Lead
  • Church and Christian Organisations Links Lead
  • FA licensed Level 1 football coach
  • Education, experience and background: project planning and management.
Club Committee Member &
Kit, Apparel & Equipment Manager
Club Committee Member
Ben Ryan Caroline Owen
“Footy quote” “Footy quote”
FA licensed Level 1 football coach

Education, experience and background: .

Education, experience and background: .

Youth Committee

In addition to:

Darren Brown, Club Youth Chairman, Foundation Section (U6-U7), Primary Section (U8-U11) and Senior Section (U15-U16) Representative

Jonathan Warnock, Club Secretary

Tim Banks, Club Chaplain

Amos Owen, Club Welfare Officer

who all also sit on the main Club Committee, the following are members of the Youth Committee.

Head of Girls
Junior Section (U12-U14) Representative
Lucy Miles Richard Gedge
“Teach the game to know the game.” “Footy quote”
FA licensed Level 2 (Technical) football coach

Education, experience and background: Primary school senior teaching assistant

CRB/DBS cert no. E0451047975.

FA licensed Level 1 football coach

Education, experience and background: .

CRB/DBS cert no. xxxxxxxxxx.

Junior Section (U12-U14) Representative
Junior Section (U12-U14) Representative
Blaine Peakall Tim Whittingdale
“Footy quote” “Footy quote.”
FA licensed Level 1 football coach

Education, experience and background: .

CRB/DBS cert no. xxxxxxxxxx.

FA licensed Level 1 football coach

Education, experience and background: .

CRB/DBS cert no. xxxxxxxxxx.

Transition Section (U17-18) Representative
Transition Section (U17-18) Representative
Tim Martin Paul White
“Footy quote.” “Footy quote.”
FA licensed Level 1 football coach

Education, experience and background: .

CRB/DBS cert no. xxxxxxxxxx.

FA licensed Level 1 football coach

Education, experience and background: .

CRB/DBS cert no. xxxxxxxxxx.


Where appropriate our staff have rigorous safeguarding and referencing checks to ensure they are able to work with children. Before placing anyone into a childcare position the following checks are performed:

  • Identity
  • Qualification verification
  • Reference checks
  • Barred List
  • Criminal Records (DBS – FA enhanced 3 years)
  • Disqualification under the Childcare Act 2006
  • Right to work in the UK

Our staff are voluntary.

Match Day Assistant Match Day Assistant
Photo 1 Photo 2
Name 1 Name 2
Match Day Assistant Match Day Assistant
Photo 3 Photo 4
Name 3 Name 4
Match Day Assistant Match Day Assistant
Photo 5 Photo 6
Name 5 Name 6
Match Day Assistant Match Day Assistant
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Name 7 Name 8


Club honours

Sun Life Canada Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Club

1988-89  Steve Jarrold
1989-90  Cliff Jarrold
1990-91  Steve Jarrold
1991-92  John Chipping
1992-93  Robin & Daphne Hood
1993-94  Bob Read
1994-95  Graeme Thomas
1995-96  Tim Lovejoy
1996-97  Jonathan & Donna Warnock
1997-98  Danny Nunn
1998-99  Jim Herrington
1999-00  Bob Robinson
2000-01  Shaun Pettit
2001-02  Andy Kirk
2002-03  John Yuill
2003-04  Frank Drury
2004-05  Ian Goodchild
2005-06  David Taylor
2006-07  Mark Crawford
2007-08  Robin Millar
2008-09  Paul Stebbings
2009-10  Jonathan Warnock
2010-11  Darren Brown
2011-12  Alan Brafield
2012-13  Andy Berry
2013-14  Mark Crawford
2014-15  Donna Warnock
2015-16  Andy Filkins
2016-17  Sam Marsden

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