Foundation teams



Foundation activities for a child’s first discovery and joy of the game.

We provide the best value and best quality young childrens’ team sports sessions. We apply our specialised, highly trained, and experienced coaches to ensure the children transition into club team football, and provide development pathways to advanced level sessions through our Sporting Academy. This makes us unique in our field.

Primarily our fun play and practices support the development of children’s fundamental movement skills, termed A B C ‘s (see explanatory video), at the same time as motivating, enthusing and developing a life-long love of football. The game’s social, cooperative and collaborative nature is also an important factor as to why the game of footy has so much positive benefit beyond it simply being physically rewarding.

Our sessions are appropriately designed, each covering the first three important stages of children’s physical, emotional and cognitive growth:

  • Mini Cubs for ages 2 to 3½
    “Footy Discoverers” parent assisted introduction to FUNdamentals.
  • Cubs for ages 3½ to 5 (up to early years and reception)
    “Footy Explorers” independent FUNdamentals based play and practice.
  • Tigers for ages 5 to 7 (school years 1 and 2)
    “Footy Adventurers” play, practice and optional regular mini-matches on Saturdays.

Ages are a guide only; there is an overlap in ages for all groups. Our policy is to place children in the most appropriate group depending on their previous experience and friendships with those that have already started.

Tigers make up our Football Club’s U7 representative teams in super mini soccer matches at Suffolk FA WAYS League fixtures throughout the season. Participation in Saturday Tigers games is optional, and must be in addition to a midweek training session. Led by Educational Trust professional coaches the children and volunteer parent leaders transition into standard Club teams at U8.

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