What makes parents and players choose Sporting 87?

With our almost total voluntary workforce we provide professional standards that well exceed the expectations of a typical grassroots football club. What we do and how we do it often provides the benchmark for local football provision to which other grassroots and professional clubs aspire. That’s why in terms of participation we’re the largest football organisation in our locality, hold the top FA Community Charter Standard, and are held in high esteme within our local community.

Our secret is simple… we’re genuinely here for our players, and their families; we love footy and know what it can do for people. For each individual we endevour to:

  • Provide the most appropriate football playing experience to bring joy and wellbeing.
  • Help develop their ability to the level they wish to acheive to give acheivement and satisfaction.
  • Support their participation, both on the pitch and off, to allow involvement from age 2 to 82.

Everything we do is designed and carried out with our players’ best interests foremost in our minds. Being a not-for-profit and voluntary staffed organisation is testament to our intent and focus.

How to join us

Submission of an application and sign on form to the Club does not guarantee acceptance. Before you submit a sign on form you must check with the relevant team manager or Club Secretary that spaces are available.

Several training sessions must be attended before the opportunity to sign on is given: your child must feel comfortable and be certain that Sporting 87 is for them. Normally most of our teams are full by August, so if your child would like to join a team for next season it is strongly recommended that regular team training is started at the beginning of the pre-season period. The first day of Club pre-season training is Thursday the 3rd week of July.

Codes of conduct

Our high standards and recognition of the FA RESPECT campaign are upheld by players and parents observing and signing up to our mandatory codes of conduct, which are part of our player application and sign on form.

Our Christian based values are evident within our policies and code of conduct and we find that to many this is a most reassuring benefit to being a part of Sporting 87. Answers to many of the questions asked by potential members and their parents/carers can be found by exploring this website but for your convenience we’ve compiled the most common in the document below.

To find out how this translates to the football pitch all you have to do is talk to our players and parents; you’ll find them at every school and within every community throughout Bury St Edmunds. We’d hope you’d be told about our excellent pastoral care, the structured aproach to educating the children and how much we make sure that they have a lot of fun along the way.

Alternatively why not come along and see for yourself – you’d be extremely welcome.



Young Leaders programme

We not only provide opportunities to learn and play football but also to develop broad life and leadership skills. Find out more.

Would you like to help us?

Whether at a training session, match, or any other occasion, your time and benevolence is always extremely welcome. From helping our managers and coaches by lending a hand with equipment to sponsoring team kit or an event, your support can make a big difference.

Just some of our voluntary jobs and projects that you could help us with are listed below. To find out more about these and other ways to contribute, contact your team manager or the Club Secretary, Jonathan Warnock.

Tuck shop helpers

Match days at the Victory Sports Ground. Sensible shifts allow you to watch your child’s game.

New goals

For our Junior Youth Section.

Training jacket sponsors

Most games of footy are played during the cooler months, and it’s nice to see Sporting 87 teams arrive at their games in smart and weather proof training kit (rain jacket and pants). Often though only half a squad of players are able to stretch their purse strings to treat themselves to this optional clothing. With or without kit branding, private and appropriate business sponsors are needed for our squads this season.

Ambitions for your child?

Before you commit to this ‘lifestyle’ read these pro-club academy insights.

What is the real deal… the academy level proper as opposed to what’s called a skills centre, development programme or elite sections… or even ‘shadow academy’?

12000 children are involved in the English pro-club academy system; aged 6 to 16, across 48 counties. That’s just 250 players in each county. A quarter of those children, 3000/64-per-county,  associate with Premier League club academies.

99% of academy children are ultimately released from their contract; after one year or after many years association. Release is often a harsh process (an unexpected email is common, with no at-hand support) and this is very difficult to deal with as a child or adolescent.

BBC 5-Live Investigates

Top football clubs and their young prospects: the ties and restrictions placed on players who make it into pro-club Academies.

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