Your childhood and adolescent memories are precious and key informers to the world you make for yourself. We know you put your trust in us to create a fun and safe environment where you can express yourself, learn and develop. Our teams are created for you, and run for the good of everyone.

Your welfare

If you want to talk to someone at the Club about any football or personal issues but find it difficult to approach your team manager, then the Club’s Community Team is here to help you. We have welfare officers, footy pastors, and technical footy experts who can all be asked to help. You’ll see them at training or home matches at the Victory Sports Ground, and they’ve always got time for a chat. If you’d prefer to contact them by phone or email then that’s fine too.

Football matters

Jonathan Warnock head shot

Jonathan Warnock
T: 07946 733184

Social matters

Ray Balmer
T: 07946 462779

Pastoral matters

Tim Banks
T: 07734 734573

Welfare matters

Amos Owen
T: 07854 153258

What makes players choose Sporting 87 FC?

With our voluntary coaching workforce we provide professional standards that well exceed the expectations of a typical grassroots football club. What we do and how we do it often provides the benchmark for local football provision to which other grassroots and professional clubs aspire. That’s why in terms of participation we’re the largest football organisation in our locality, why we hold the top FA Community Charter Standard, and are highly respected in our local community.

Our success is based on one simple precept… we’re genuinely here for benefit of each and every one of our players (and their families); we love footy and know what goodness it can bring people. For each individual we endevour to:

  • Provide the most appropriate football playing experiences to bring wellbeing and joy.
  • Help develop ability to the level desired, providing high attainment and satisfaction.
  • Support their participation, both on the pitch and off, to allow involvement from age 2 to 82.

Everything we do is designed and carried out with our players’ best interests foremost in our minds. Being a not-for-profit and voluntary staffed organisation is testament to our intent and focus.

How to join us

Ask your parent/carer to check with the relevant team lead coach or Youth Admisions Officer that a place is available.

At least one tryout training session must be attended before the opportunity to sign on is given: you must feel comfortable and be certain that Sporting 87 is for you.

My team and coach are really nice. The players are friendly, and the coach is fair and a good football teacher. We have rules that give us all the same playing time and the coach asks us to tryout all positions on the pitch. We want to win, but having fun with friends is more important for me.   Sporting U13 Player

Codes of conduct

Our high standards and recognition of the FA RESPECT campaign are upheld by players and parents/carers observing and signing up to our mandatory codes of conduct. Our codes of conduct are a mandatory part of our player application and sign on form.

Answers to common questions asked by potential players can be found by visiting our Questions and Answers webpage.

Young Leaders programme

We not only provide opportunities to learn and play football but also to coach, referee and help organise all sorts of activities. Click here to find out more about our national awarding winning programme.

Do you have further footy ambitions?

Before you commit to what would become a ‘lifestyle’ you should read and listen to these pro-club academy insights.

What is the real deal… what is the academy level proper as opposed to what’s called a ‘skills centre’, ‘development programme’ or ‘elite session’? Simply put, whatever it’s called, if you’re paying for it… you haven’t made it yet.

However, there are around 12000 children in England that have made it, and they are involved in the English pro-club academy system; aged 6 to 16, across 48 counties. 12000 sounds like a lot of children, but that’s just 250 players in each county – around 25 in each year group. Before asking for a trial at an academy a question you could ask yourself is, “Is my child one of the best 25 in the County?” because that’s what it takes.

99% of academy children are ultimately released from their contract; after one year or after many years association. Release is often a harsh process (an unexpected email is common, with no at-hand support) and this is very difficult to deal with as a child or adolescent. Be prepared – football can be a harsh world for an adult let alone a child, and accept that your child is merely a commodity; to be applied, traded and disgarded as desired.

BBC 5-Live Investigates

Top football clubs and their young prospects: the ties and restrictions placed on players who make it into pro-club Academies.


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