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Youth Football Club Continuation Sign On Payment 2019-20


YOU MUST ALREADY HAVE A TEAM PLACE TO USE THIS PRODUCT. Prospective new members must email to apply for a place. In your email provide your name, school, school year (2019-20) and let us know if you already have friends at the Club.
If you use this product and you are not an existing member, you won’t become a member and will be charged a £10 administration fee for your money to be returned.

Important notes

By paying for sign on using this product players and parents/carers agree to abide by:

Players and parents/carers also declare that they have:

  • Agreed that their child will represent Sporting 87 exclusively in all competitions (inc. WAYSL and SYFL competitions).
  • Read and understood the Q&A document and Personal Data Policy, and accepted all obligations and commitments therein.
  • Given full/correct information and permissions as required (as already provided or as updated in the text box), including permission for first aid to be administered.

Before you start the sign on payment process check the information in your personal Continuation Sign On Form that your team’s lead coach has emailed you (if you haven’t received this, contact us). If any information is incorrect/out-of-date, or given as ‘0’/empty (this means that we don’t have this information), where relevant please provide this. Also make sure you have an electronic photo of your signed form ready to upload during this process (one taken with your mobile phone will do).


  1. Select your membership type, either:
    • ‘Full – with FAN’ (£30)
    • ‘Full – without FAN’ (£50)
    • ‘Training Only’ or ‘Girls-only Team’ (no fee)

    Note that if you select the ‘Full – with FAN’ option and don’t provide a FAN your sign on will not be processed and held pending supply of the FAN or payment of the ‘without FAN’ charge.

  2. Enter your name and team name (include age-group, e.g. ‘U10’) in the next text box.
  3. If you need to provide us with any new information or change incorrect information, enter this in the text box provided.
  4. Enter your FAN (FA Number). A FAN will give you a discount to your sign on fee. You can do the online FA RESPECT course to get a FAN:
    NOTE: You will need Adobe Flash to display the course in your browser. If the course doesn’t display in your browser, try installing it… click here:
  5. Upload your signed personal Continuation Sign On Form.
  6. Give permission (or not) to collect Gift Aid in relation to your payments.
  7. Click ‘Add to basket’ and then pay.

Only when we have received your payment and signed personal Continuation Sign On Form will we process your registration.


Additional information

Membership Type

Full – with FAN (Recommended), Full – without FAN, Training only


Please also provide the player's team name and squad number if known, e.g. Lionel Messi, U11 Delta, squad no. 10 (new players will be issued a no.).
See note 3 above. Please enter any new or changed information on your continuation sign on form. The box will scroll with your entry, i.e. there is no data limit.
See note 4 above
See note 5 above. Please upload your signed Continuation Sign On Form (2Mb limit).
See note 6 above. Please select whether we can collect gift aid.

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