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Every good thing must come to an end… but not when it comes to football. Maybe you feel like it's time to hang up your boots (because that Sunday morning 'shuffle' down the stairs has become increasingly difficult after 90 minutes on a Saturday). However, at Sporting 87 we believe that something as good as football shouldn't end just because you've reach your late thirties.

We want that sense of belonging and the fun of the dressing room banter to continue throughout your adulthood. Which is why we've created FOUR ways for you to stay involved with the beautiful game. Which one will you pick?

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Volunteer football coaching at sporting 87

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Coaching Team

Whether you've been involved in the game for years or a young person looking for a new challenge in coaching, Sporting 87 could be the next part of your football story.

Like us, you want to be part of a club that's committed to providing the highest quality football coaching as well as a club that helps people be better at life itself. So whatever stage you are at on your coaching journey talk to us. We'd love to be part of your next steps as a coach.

In the 2019/20 season Sporting 87 helped;

  • 10 coaches achieve their FA level 1 qualification
  • 2 coaches achieve FA level 2
  • 2 coaches complete their FA level 3 (UEFA B) coaching qualification.

Our partnership with Nike means we have bursaries available to book new coaches onto FA courses. (Just so you are aware, all coaches must be DBS checked before they can start coaching.)

Coaching Enquiry
  • Neil Van Holland

    I started coaching in 1996 and I have been coaching with S87 for the last 3 seasons now. It has been without a doubt the best coaching experience of my journey. The club has some amazing provision for children and adults alike to play, but equally for those wanting to coach. Support in developing your skills and knowledge is always available both through educational support and peers who are always happy to assist one another.

    Neil Van Holland - current Sporting 87 coach

Enquire About Coaching

For more information on coaching call or email Nathan Banks (SP87 Sports Development Manager)

01284 747222 Email
Volunteer football hospitality at sporting 87

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Hospitality Team

Maybe the idea of standing on a touchline on a wet and windy Saturday morning in November just isn't your thing (And we don't blame you!) Here's how you can stay involved in football without an umbrella or a raincoat!

Our friendly kitchen team serve up hot drinks and bacon rolls in the clubhouse to the hundreds of visitors we have at the Victory Sports Ground on Saturday morning's. If you love meeting new people, this could be just the place for you.

Enquire About Hospitality

For more information on hospitality call or email Ray Balmer.

01284 747222 Email
Volunteer car park greeting team at sporting 87

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Car Park Greeting Team

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear high vis jackets! There's nothing worse than running late to drop your children off at football because you forgot to pack the shin pads. And when you arrive there's a scramble to find a free car parking spot. Our car parking ‘heroes' are there from 9:00-11:00am.

Their aim is to make life that little bit easier for people on a Saturday morning, by showing you where to park when at the Victory Sports Ground. Come on… we've all dreamt about being a hero, right?

Enquire About Greeting Team

For more information on the car park greeting team call or email Ray Balmer.

01284 747222 Email
Volunteer admin team at sporting 87

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Admin Team

So you want to be involved but you don't want to miss out on watching your son or daughter play on a Saturday morning. We get you. So we've got a great idea so that you can still be involved… Grassroots football is much more than just what happens on a Saturday morning or on a training night.

How about joining our brilliant team of backroom staff at our Bury office who work between games. You can help organise matches and training sessions, as well as make sure children have all the right kit they need to play on the team.

Enquire About Admin Team

For more information on the admin team call or email the club office.

01284 747222 Email